Martinique, FWI – comparable to a typical US city

People talk about Martinique as if it was a violent place, with a high homicide rate.  I do not feel unsafe in Martinique – no more than when I travel to the US. Of course, there might be more crime than in mainland France or in Europe, but we are located in the American continent, and thus we may need a different frame for comparison. So let’s take the good ol’ USA.  Martinique taken as a whole *is* comparable to a similar sized US city.

Let’s look at the stats – 398 733 inhabitants in 2009 according to Wikipedia, with a 2010 estimation at 402000 according to the Encyclopedia Britannica – let’s say 400k. 19 violent deaths in 2010 (gun + knifes) according to the official stats and the press. Divide that by 4 and it gives a 4.75 homicide rate per 100k.

If you look at Wikipedia for the US stats on, you’ll see there is a 5.4 homicide rate per 100k in 2009

So Martinique is no more violent that a typical US city – in fact it’s even less !


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