Google voice and Callcentric

If you travel around, google voice is good but incomplete. They only offer browser-centered services – which is nice, but sometimes a real handset is what you really need to use.

Also, you can’t easily be reached by SIP clients : they no longer respond to invites for calls to SIP:+1{insert GV number}

But both issues can easily be fixed for a small amount of money. My solution? A “dirt cheap DID” from, linked to my google voice account, and a hardware SIP adapter I carry with me. $2.95/month, no billing for incoming calls.

Yet there is a catch – some of their numbers do not work! For example before my current number I had (619) 489 1447 and when I tried to link it, every day during 3 days I had the following message :

Exception thrown by server-side application: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException:$InvalidPhoneNumberException: Invalid Phone Number: 

Huh?? The phone number *is* valid, I know because I tried to call myself. Anyway it was solved when I took a different number. So if you are trying to link a callcentric number, be ready to give it up and take another one if it doesn’t work 😦
I really hope I’ll soon have a way to register my SIP hardware to google voice, and receive direct SIP calls too. I’m not asking for the calls to be sent to the PSTN at a cost to google – if I can just receive them on my SIP hardware when I travel, it will be fine!


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