Some days are better than the others.

Today my 3 weeks-old brand new GPS got dented due to a failing Garmin mount, noticed that someone had scratched the passenger doorhold of my car which was fully repainted 2 weeks ago, realized the iPod adapter I purchased from Motors Solutions on Amazon 6 months ago was not working with the exact model of car radio I had (but it was mentioned!!) and finally found out that OSX-Server could not take a domain name change, and that I would have to reinstall it from scratch if I wanted something stable- which would be an easy thing if it didn’t live on a set of encrypted partitions (the equivalent of french HIPAA provisions – I take work at home so I encrypt everything). 

Awesome-not !

If the next few days are not bright and shiny, I’ll ask life a refund for my whole week.

But the is at lest one good thing there: OSX-Server is a goner. I wasted too much time on it. No wonder why Apple will only have one Lion and is dropping the X-Serves. Truth is painful.


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