Les miracles du pays

Je m’en allais prendre une licence de Paragon NTFS pour OSX à 29€ quand j’ai eu l’idée de cliquer sur « pays » pour dire que j’étais en amérique du nord. Le prix est passé à 19$. Avec le taux de change, disons autour de 15€.

Les européens sont-ils prêts à payer 2 fois plus cher un même produit, ou est-ce qu’on les prend pour des idiots ?

Je cliques alors sur http://www.softwarediscountcodes.com/paragon-ntfsformac8.html et ça passe à 16$ soit 12€. Compatible 64 bits et sans risques de corruptions contrairement aux hacks du driver osx, je crois qu’avec presque deux tiers de réduction de prix c’est honnête – j’achète !

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Adding Twitter to tumblr

Tumblr is easy to set up, and pleasant to use. Some will say it misses features, but I disagree.

Here’s a simple exemple : I spent at least 10 minutes googling a way to show my tweets in tumblr with some special CSS, until I realized it was as simple as linking the Twitter account to Tumblr.

No CSS needed for that. If there had been no such feature, I wouldn’t even have searched for a way to use it, but figured that there must be another way.

Tumblr doesn’t need more features- as St-Exupery said, perfection is reached not when there is nothing else to add, but when there is nothing else to remove.

Of course, a better documentation of the Twitter linking feature, for exemple a tooltip saying it would then show the latest tweets would also have been handy.

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Hurricane Electric : can do better for DNS

While setting up hosted.im for a domain of mine, I went to Hurricane Electric DNS admin page. I click on SRV entries to add the relevant XMPP port and priorities, and right there I had a very bad surprise : Hurricane Electric does not support the “port” field.

Welcome to Y2K! When exactly do you plan to add this “feature” ??

No proper SRV support means no XMPP support for the hosted domain. Contacted by email, HE support offered me to try their beta DNS services. I’ll check how that works, but what was supposed to be a 5 minutes job will require a DNS migration 😦

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Externalize your chat

I have been strongly recommended hosted.im services by a friend. Basically, just like you can use Google Apps to externalize your email maintenance, they do the same for chatting, and you keep using your domain name after some basic DNS setup.

Some will say google does the same – they sure do, but Google only integrate with AIM and Jabber nicknames, while hosted.im support ICQ, Yahoo and Hotmail. Much better ! 

You just have to set up some basic DNS entries – a 5 minutes job.

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Die OSX-Server, Die !

Yesterday was a great day – the day I finally decided to remove OSX-Server.

It thumbed its nose at me for the last time, when OSX refused to install because that would be over this poor OSX-Server.

No problemo – I start a terminal from the installation disk, rm -fr every directory pronto, and there you go OSX-Server.

I had this weird idea that OSX-Server could not possibly be as bad as everyone said it was, I did my time when I tried it for a full year, but now I’m free to use Free Software again to get a *reliable* server.

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Oh la joli GIF animée !

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Drapeau de la Martinique pour iPhone

Pour mettre en économiseur d’écran, il a la bonne taille et la bonne rotation ! Datant de 1766, il est plus ancien que le bleu-blanc-rouge… Plus de détails historiques sur Wikipedia !

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